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Morning Sun

Morning Sun (30.10.2007)


Take my heart with the morning sun

Do whatever you want

But bring it back in the evening

I don´t like what I would become


Throw my heart in the deepest sea

If you want me to dive

Doesn´t matter how long it takes

I´ll get it to see how you cry


I´m wasting minutes and hours with waiting

That you´ll come and I´ll get revenge that I need

I have waited so long but you just never came


I can´t wait for the morning sun

I can´t wait for that day

I can´t wait for the evening

That it´s me who can say



Take my heart with the morning sun

You can keep it away

I don´t know if I need to love

I still got soul and brain


All the time I thought I am wrong

Now I know that it´s you

Brought restraint in my unbound love

I forgot what to do


Now the hate keeps me up, my heart makes me so restless

I never thought I could have such kind of feeling

Wished to show you my hate but you just never came


Still I´m hating the morning sun

Still I´m hating that day

Still I´m hating the evening

I can still hear you say


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